Why Choosing a Reliable Emergency Generator Service Is Important

When your power goes out, you expect your emergency generator to kick in, ensuring continual power. But what if it doesn’t? Now your home or business is without power, and you’re sitting in the dark.

If you have an emergency generator in Ontario, you want to ensure it’s in proper working condition so it can do its job when you need it most.

That’s why choosing a reliable emergency generator service is important. 

Generator Issues Can Happen at Any Time

You may think it’s unlikely that you will find yourself in such a situation, but the reality is that power outages are common. Without proper emergency generator servicing, your backup power may be nonexistent.

Most power outages are due to inclement weather, not just in winter but during the extreme summer heat as well. If your backup generator fails, are you prepared for frozen pipes or extreme temperatures from being unable to heat or cool your space?

Generator problems can happen at any time. That’s why you need a reliable service provider for your emergency generator. A yearly checkup is recommended to ensure everything is functioning properly. 

A good generator technician will inspect and replace any missing parts, service the battery, clean air intakes, and ensure any issues you may have are resolved.  

Emergency Generator Service Is Easy to Forget

Emergency generators have an important job in powering your home or business when your primary power source goes down. However, most of the time, they sit idle. It’s easy to forget about them. 

A good emergency generator service provider understands this and will focus on your generator’s maintenance. Ensuring good generator maintenance will prolong your generator’s lifespan.

Save Money With Proactive Maintenance

A reliable generator servicer will save you money, identifying any problems before they start. When your generator breaks down and fails to work when you need it most, you will suffer more expensive repairs. Plus, there’s the issue of potential lost revenue from your business being without power. 

During the 2003 blackout, many industries throughout North America had their business grind to a halt, leading to millions in estimated losses. It even closed major airports in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. If their business could be affected by a blackout, then couldn’t yours? 

If you’re at home, your emergency generator failing could lead to costly food spoilage, in addition to an uncomfortable house without air conditioning or heat. An unreliable emergency generator could mean you could be one of the millions without power. A reliable generator service company will ensure that you always have a power source when you need it the most.

A Reliable Servicer Will Prioritize Safety

A reliable generator service company will keep you safe, informing you of the dos and don’ts of generator safety. The last thing you want is for your emergency generator to be the cause of an emergency, such as a fire or deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. A good service provider will take care of your generator and prevent emergencies related to poor maintenance, as well as ensuring your generator is being operated safely. 

Ready to Get Started?

Ronnie’s Generator Service offers a complete maintenance and repair service for residential, industrial, and commercial generators throughout Ontario. We provide emergency generator service on generators from 20 kW to 32000 kW. We can ensure that your backup plan is free of generator problems. We also offer repairs and warranties on Kohler generators in Ontario, 24/7 emergency repairs, and maintenance contracts. 

For generator servicing in Ontario, or for help with your generator problems, contact Ronnie’s Generator Service.