What does Generator Testing Entail and How Is It Performed? The experts explain…

Are you interested in protecting the life and reliability of your back-up power system?

Whether for your home or for your business, Preventative Maintenance Packages* are the most secure way to ensure that your generator will operate during a power outage and all other conditions which necessitate the need for back up power.

What does your Comprehensive and fully Customizable Maintenance Package entail?

RESIDENTIAL PACKAGES: We recommend 1 Maintenance Inspection per year for Residential Generators. With that inspection includes a full oil and filter change, transfer test (if applicable) and full system check of all major generator components. Depending on your individual needs, you may opt for 2 visits per year. Your individual needs can be discussed with our Quoting Department which can help create the best Maintenance Program for you. Upon the completion of each service visit, you will receive a Full Report of testing results, any findings and/or deficiencies reported by the technician and recommendations when applicable.


Depending on your individual Power Requirements, Ronnie’s Generator Service offers fully Comprehensive CSA-C282 Code Compliant Maintenance Packages for Generators of ALL Makes, Models and Sizes. Our Basic Plans include Monthly Inspection Testing, Semi-Annual Inspection and most importantly, the FULL ANNUAL C282 INSPECTION which includes the Full Load Test in which our own external load bank equipment are used to apply 100% of applicable load for 2 Full Hours, all results are fully documented for your records of the results and to help determine if any issues are present in the generator which would not be easily detected unless the generator is running under Full Load. All the above noted Work is required by the Electrical Standards Association CSA-C282 Code for Generator Compliance. Failing to comply with these essential Services can not only result in system failure (when urgently needed) but also possible liability with Fire Department, who now enforce Code Requirements with routine building visits and wanting copies of reports ensuring that the Maintenance is being performed as required by Code. Ronnie’s Generator strives to uphold all Code Requirements to protect not only the generators, but to instill the confidence in all our valued customers that their generators are being maintained in the highest standard which is the primary goal of our service team. If you have any questions about our services and how we can relay our expertise to your stand-by equipment, you can reach out to us and we will gladly answer your questions. With Ronnies Generator Service, you can confidently rest assured that with more than 45 years in the industry and an ever increasing fleet, your stand-by Generator will be given the utmost standard of care. With liability becoming an increasing concern for buildings and/or business where generator power is essential to life safety, it is critical that you perform ALL Service recommended by CSA code requirements which are designed to protect the integrity of your Generator Back up System.

NOTE: If you require further breakdown of what each individual Service requires, our service team will gladly answer all your questions. Please contact Ronnie’s Generator Service Ltd.